Svensk sida

Free chess tournament software

Get the latest version from the download page. The documentation is available in the package, as well as here, change list here.

What SOSS is

SOSS is a program of the kind that pairs the players in chess tournaments, a so called "chess pairing program" or "chess tournament software". SOSS is a bit different from other chess pairing programs in that it has a strong focus on the complete event, not only the pairing. This focus is expressed in the following features: In case none of the binaries available for donwload does not suit your system you can build SOSS from source code. SOSS is available under the GNU Public License(GPL). You can find also the source at the download page. To build SOSS you will need to first build and install following libraries (all of them are open source):


If you have problems with your installation or usage of SOSS, please email any of us: rya.c.nosp@m.hrister @ gm.nosp@m.ail.com or so.nosp@m.ss @ my.nosp@m.klebust.se .

Contributions to SOSS

If you like to contribute to the SOSS project, please contact any of the above.

Bugs and features

The current known bugs and feature requests can be displayed on the tracker page.
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